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Ruin-chan ♥

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Twisted obsessesions and raised brows. [

Sunday February 18, 2007

My dad is a very go-with-the-flow type of guy. He's sort of like a jellyfish. Well in case anyone hasn't heard, it's prom season in the Philippines. O.B. prom, according to some was a blast. Questionable comment, anything to do with O.B is rarely ever a quote-unquote 'blast'. Maths teacher was there?! She says she's thirty-one looks fourty, acts sixty.

Anyway, my friends are going through their own personal shit about prom. Can't wait for mine! (sarcasm).

I hate my computer table, it's like the least sturdiest thing on the planet. :/ the monitor has threatened to fall on me thrice while writing this.

I speant the weekend watching the five-seasons of Queer as Folk I bought. ♥. Brian/Justin awesomeness. I rather preferred Justin with long hair. I'm on episode 8 of the fourth season. Must write fanfiction! {compulsive desires}

Made a Brian/Justin Graphic! :]

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Sophormore Slump or Come back of the year. [

Wednesday February 14, 2007

[ mood | excited ]

First and formost, I would love to announce: (being the egocentric madman that I am) -


and this time to stay? Why say that? I HAVE D S FUCKING L. So congratulate me on my odd return after oh about a YEAR OF ABSCENCE! hoooyeah. XDD; Sorry I'm slightly erratic and hyper from DSL-ness. Sadly downloads are rather slow. {ponders} o_o; it's okay though. I have INTERNETS. Dealing with a Broken Computer, and living off internet cafe isn't exactly the best idea. But now - I'm good. Great even.


Anyway? Miss Me? Say yes, and you get a cookie! xD; Oh by the way; am now a Death Note Junkie. o_o;

So what's happened in my life so far? well aside from random thisandthats; I have a shrink. Yes, I'm in therapy. XD; Hahah. Bout time huh? I know it's not a laughing matter and I will admit I'm a little cynical. But it's sorta a school recommended Psychologists. It's not exactly Dr. Finch; but I'll live.

Haha. When I look back at what I did back in LJ and my dorky fandom obsessesing (HSM particularly) I can't help but wonder - What the hell was I thinking? oh right. I wanted to see Ryan/Troy slash. But now the whole thing has taken the Philippines into the deathly rows of obsessesion. Haha.

I'm also obsessed with House MD, Grey's Anatomy, Queer as Folk, BtVS (even more now that I've watched Angel) and Sugar Rush. :33; I've been living of Malaysian DVD's and Bootlegs to satisfy my series fancy. I've taken quite a liking to: House/Wilson and Chase/Cameron. XD; House is one of a new fandoms. (omg, House/Vicodin=OTP). XD; For QaF I've taken a liking to Brian/Justin. Brian is sooo much love. I bought ALL seasons of QaF. Hehe. ^^; - Compulsive Buying has also been my thing as of late. Oh and my perfect guy I have conjoured up to be the mix of: McSteamy (body), Brian Kenny (face), Dr. Wilson (personality) and Spike's accent. ♥ ♥

Death Note, anyone? XD; L is love, seriously. He's adorable. And he doesn't wear shoes! xD; Anime wise: Genshiken, God Child, ouran, X, TRC, ParaKiss, Nana and TB still own my heart. And only Genshiken is the real new addition. It's hard not to love the series. And Madarame is completely MOE. Kidding. XD; Ack, Kousaka is awesome.

Bands wise, I've gotten into heavier rock. XD; Cradle of Filth, Mudvayne, Coheed and Cambria, etc.? while sticking to my usual dosage of Bowling for Soup. I have found love in the song: HOW TO SAVE A LIFE BY THE FRAY. :3 It's such an awesome song. xD;

ANYWAY. I HAVE SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON! xD; Geeze what has changed with you guys? XD;


- Julya/Ruin.

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OMFG. Lazy, much? [

Monday August 21, 2006

EXAMS. Quarterly Exams and longtests have taken up too much of my time. So, on contrary to popular belief I am a live and have not been eaten by animated corpses. ANYWAY~ I never did go to INXS. Which sucks.

And its official Laurell K. has officially eaten my soul. OMFG. NATHANIEL IS DOMESTIC-BLISS. HE'S LIKE PERFECT HOUSE-WIFELING, and I want one of my own. ♥. And Jean-Claude/Asher is like Squee. Micah is lovely. And Jason rawks my socks. Edward reminds me of Seishirou just a teeny bit. And Anita's dominance complexes are getting on my nerves, but she's wicked. ♥ And because of Juliana I actually don't mind my name. ♥

TRC is getting to me. Although Subaru-kun is bloody goergous; I feel like its turning into the VAMPIRE CHRONICLES. And if it is, I demand that Seishirou Marius♥ and Subaru his Armand. Darryn should have NEVER lend me books. :B Really~ I CURSE SEXY FRENCH VAMPIRES, I do really.



Oh, I need my Ouran~ D: HIKARU/HARUHI IS ADORABLE. Still love the twincest though~ a.a;

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